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What’s New in May & June …

Many things are new today! After several weeks of cold poison rain, the sun returned! As I drove to work I saw new leaves coming out on the trees, all around my city. Some of the flowering trees in my neighbourhood are forming buds and flowers, and you can see traces of the pink and white everywhere on them.

This one is on a bush behind my home. During this time of year the green colour of the leaves is a little lighter, because it’s new. Eventually the leaves will mature, and the colour will become deeper and more familiar. I like the light green, the buds of the flowers in the early times, before they open very far – because they speak of the greater beauty coming. Even the very early flowers, like this one, speak of something more: this one will become fruit! The change between what it was – a tiny spot of green, on a brown stick – and what it will become – a tasty berry – is amazing!

Oh, and I forgot to mention – my daughter and her husband have had a new baby girl, my little 外孙女, born in March – her picture is here. What is the beauty in a newborn baby? Many things! – but especially the joy of what she will become – and the joy of knowing her and loving her as she grows up.

神 sees us in the same way. You, too.

神 is in the business of helping us find Him! See “Finding 神: Learning How to Believe page,” and the “Homework Page” that goes with it. If you have never thought about 神 before, if you’re coming from a traditional Chinese religious background, if you have never believed in 神 before – these pages might be very helpful for you. The material is designed so that you can think about the information, but also begin to see why it’s important, so that you can get it working in your life.

See the new “Questions I’ve been asked …” post – and “leave a reply” with your thoughts!

I’ve also posted new audio mp3s for our new teaching series “Jonah: From Hatred to Hope.” You can find it in the “All Audio” tab.

For those of you who are living overseas, you can now follow us on Twitter at @LuDaoming: see the sidebar!

Have a great week!





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