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What’s New in July & August!

Summer is finally here! We have had the longest, coolest, wettest spring weather in 55 years. Even now in the longer sun our days struggle to reach 25 degrees. But even with all the cool, cloudy days, many things have become beautiful, too. The trees are very green, the flowers are brilliant, and the water flows with a very peaceful sound.

This summer is very special to me, for several reasons: first, my youngest daughter — the last of our 4 children — is about to be married, in early August. I’ll show you some pictures when the time comes 😉

Because of this, my home has some special guests for a few months: my oldest son, his wife, and my lovely 2-year old 孙女. They’ve been living in north China for a few years now, and so she speaks English and Mandarin, too. Every morning when she sees me she says, “你好!” It’s very endearing 😉 At her age, everything is wonderful, everything is exciting, everything is amazing … like she’s never seen it before. Of course, that’s mostly because she really hasn’t ever seen so many things before! The very blue sky, the neighbourhood cats, the rocks, even the 虫子 … everything’s amazing. In a time when we’re pressed so hard to work, to try to keep our lives together, how could we ever find that much wonder and enjoyment again?

神 has a way to help us. We might not be small children, but we can experience love, friendship, joy, hope in a whole new way because of His help. Read some more on this blog! 😉 You’ll begin to get the idea.

I’ve also finished and posted new audio mp3s for our teaching series “Job: From Hope to Ashes to Greater Hope.” You can find it in the “Free Lectures Audio” tab. I’m always open to your suggestions for the teaching — if you have a particular interest, let me know! I might be able to address your thoughts in the next audio series!

神 is in the business of helping us find Him! See “Finding 神: Learning How to Believe page,” and the “Homework Page” that goes with it. If you have never thought about 神 before, if you’re coming from a traditional Chinese religious background, if you have never believed in 神 before – these pages might be very helpful for you. The material is designed so that you can think about the information, but also begin to see why it’s important, so that you can get it working in your life.

See the new “Questions I’ve been asked …” post – and “leave a reply” with your thoughts! I’ll be glad to write more about the questions you ask.

For those of you who are living overseas, you can now follow us on Twitter at @LuDaoming: see the sidebar! I’m also on Windows Live Messenger as Daoming Lu and on Weibo at @陆道明LuDaoming — I look forward to seeing you there!

Have a great summer!





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