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What’s New in October!

Where we live, summer came very slowly, but autumn has come very quickly! Our slow spring became a beautiful summer, but very suddenly the cool weather and rain has returned. Even with all that, we’ve had an amazing summer. I hope yours has been good, too.

As I told you before, my youngest daughter — the last of our 4 children — was married, in early August. Here are a couple of photos! 😉 It’s really hard to describe the feelings I had as I walked with her “down the aisle” to meet the man she was about to marry – even though we know him and love him. I somehow still remember her as my little girl – but life has changed her into a marvelous, beautiful woman. I can’t hold on to the past forever!

Fortunately, 神 understands all these things – He made us this way! In one of the earliest of all human stories, the first man gets to see the world’s beauty, experience the joy of making things, tastes his awesome freedom, finds his place of dominion over all the world. He even knows 神 and has great joy there. But still something seems to be missing, and he feels incomplete. 神 understands this, and puts the man to sleep. He makes the first woman out of part of the man, and then wakes the man up and introduces them. The ancient language of The Library is almost humorous, as the man is so happy and so excited: he realizes that she is indeed 神’s best creation, and he says, “You’re perfect!” Her heart melts, and the rest is history. So many of the wonderful things that makes us human, are made complete in this kind of close relationship we know as marriage.

We all need each other, don’t we! My wife 郭馨兰 and I spoke briefly at the reception after the wedding – how joyful and strange to be thanking everyone – our family, friends, and 神, for helping my daughter to grow up so wonderfully. And now the real adventure of her life begins – and ours begins another new adventure!

What will happen to us all? None of us can tell! We can’t read the news (in any country) and be able to predict what will happen next. One of 神’s greatest gifts, to those who are trying to find Him, is a life that is bigger than anything that this world can do to us. A joy greater and more powerful than the worst loss and sorrow – how would you like to have that! Vision for things that are greater than our greatest joys and successes! A gift so great that the things we love about our lives now are only an echo of the greatest joy to come! How would you like to face every day with that kind of hope!

神 is here to help us. We have new things to learn from Him, because this world has been darkened very much. But He is greater than our darkness, and He can help us in ways we don’t expect! Read some more on this blog! 😉 You’ll begin to get the idea.

I’ve finished and posted several new audio mp3s for our current teaching series “Job: From Hope to Ashes to Greater Hope.” You can find it in the “Free Lectures Audio” tab. I’m always open to your suggestions for the teaching — if you have a particular interest, let me know! I might be able to address your thoughts in the next audio series!

神 is in the business of helping us find Him! See “Finding 神: Learning How to Believe page,” and the “Homework Page” that goes with it. If you have never thought about 神 before, if you’re coming from a traditional Chinese religious background, if you have never believed in 神 before – these pages might be very helpful for you. The material is designed so that you can think about the information, but also begin to see why it’s important, so that you can get it working in your life.

See the new “Questions I’ve been asked …” post – and “leave a reply” with your thoughts! I’ll be glad to write more about the questions you ask.

For those of you who are living overseas, you can now follow us on Twitter at @LuDaoming: see the sidebar! I’m also on Windows Live Messenger as Daoming Lu and on Weibo at @陆道明LuDaoming — I look forward to seeing you there!

Autumn is such an interesting time – beauty in change. Even as the land begins to fall asleep, our hearts can awaken to new hope!





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