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New 中国人朋友 Question: “Is believing 神 suitable for 中国人?”

Hi again – after our last post about “So much pressure!” one of my 中国人 friends asked this question, very slightly translated: “I mean, to believe God – is it suitable for Chinese people? because there are so many differences between Western and Chinese culture?

Yes, to believe 神 and to follow His ways is very suitable and very desirable for Chinese people. See how well you understand already! It’s not too hard to understand – it’s just different from what we’re accustomed to doing.

Yes, there are many differences between Chinese culture and Western culture – but that makes no difference at all when it comes to suitability.

神 is not Western. The Library is not a Western book, either. The Teacher did not live in a Western country, and the way of life that 神 calls us to live is not the modern Western style. Western style has been influenced by 神’s teaching in some ways, but it is very, very “mixed” with other things that are not good.

神’s way is above all cultures. It is just as challenging for Western people, African people, South American people, etc. to follow 神 as it is for Chinese people. It is just as suitable for Chinese people as it for all others! And 神’s heart is good to help all of us, from every nation, with the different challenges that come from the cultures we were raised in.

神 is working to bring together a gathering of people from many different nations and cultures. For more about this, please see the article on this blog “神山 and my Name Seal”. The article will explain a beautiful word-picture about this, which I think will help you understand better. It is all very hopeful and joyful, as you have already begun to experience.



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