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Finding the Roots of Following 神: Free Course Update!

No tree stands by itself. If it’s ever going to grow tall and spread out and produce fruit, it needs deep roots. The best changes in our lives, the ones 神 wants to give us, start out as a seed, which grows roots, then leaves, then more, until the whole tree is formed, and it does the wonderful thing of making fruit with seeds in it.

You might like to examine the “roots” of the tree, you’d like to find out where to start learning about 神. You may not even be sure that you believe in Him, but you’re willing to read and learn, right?

Here in my home city I teach a course each week for friends who are searching for the Roots of real life. In this course you will find the basic worldview from The Library, and some basic information about how to get started in this new way of hope.

Well … I just returned from a trip to the deep interior of Canada’s prairies – very windy and at -25, very cold! But I was visiting people who have very warm hearts, and so the cold weather wasn’t so bad 😉 They invited me to teach a short series based on the “Roots” material (which I teach here in my home city), and they gave me permission to share the audio files with you. The audio for the very first session was lost, but the remaining sessions survived for you. All of the printed notes are available for you, too – they’re grouped with the audio for each session.

If you want a very quick introduction to the most basic elements of following 神 – if you want to see where He is going before you decide whether you want to follow Him, this is a good place to start.

Click on these links for the audio teaching sessions, and for PDF files of the notes that I used for teaching the sessions. This is not the full Roots course, but there’s a lot of information here which you might find helpful! Enjoy!

Audio: Session 2 (Beginnings)
Exploring the Issues
Definition of terms
Teaching notes
Library overview

Audio: Session 3 (The Teacher)
Audio: Session 4 (The Teacher)

Exploring the Issues
Teaching notes

Audio: Session 5 (3 Topics: The People, Spirit, Healing)
Definitions of Terms
Teaching notes: The People
Teaching notes: The Spirit
Teaching notes: Healing Us

Audio: Session 6 (All Nations Flow to It)

Put your “roots” in the right place, and a beautiful tree will grow, and the right “fruit” will grow from your life.

Stay tuned, more coming.


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