Welcome to 冉冉升起 RanRanShengQi

Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.


This year 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world! What do you think?!

Well … in one way I hope it is the End, because the End I’m waiting for is very, very good 😉

In another way, though, I hope it isn’t the end of the world. Many of us feel so much incompleteness in our lives – promises not yet kept, love not yet fulfilled, failures not yet overcome, hopes not yet reached.

When I think of each of you this year, my hope is that in your sorrows and pain, you will find healing and release. I hope that the joys you now experience will be magnified, so that you are led into true wonder and amazement about how good life can be – and how much better it can be, with 神’s hand guiding and helping you.

My hope for you is that in any failures or trouble you face, you will find freedom and release – and new, deep wisdom – the kind that helps you care more for other people, who are just like you in so many ways.

May those who love you embrace you more, so that you really believe them, so that you will be more full of joy. May those whom you love find the very best in you, so that they will be more full of joy.

And may these good gifts call your eyes to look higher into 神’s eyes, and to look deeper into 神’s heart for you – for He is truly very good.



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