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Why It’s Sensible to Believe without Seeing …

Friends – it’s been a very strange weekend. Maybe you can understand the feelings: yesterday morning was a beautiful blue-sky day, the very best of the year so far. My wife and I drove to a beautiful park, full of fresh flowers and nicely-dressed people – if you didn’t know better, you’d think that they were all out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. But they weren’t.

They gathered to watch in silence as 8 sad-faced men carried a very large wooden box on a cart to a carefully-dug hole in the ground, and as two workers lowered the box down into the hole. My wife and I watched as many people threw beautiful flowers on top of the box in the hole. Some of them were crying. 5 people waited as all the flowers were thrown in – these 5 were the father, mother, sister, brother, and sister-in-law of the 24-year old woman whose body was in the box, in the grave, covered by flowers. The family was so drained, almost too tired to cry. They put their flowers in with the others, last of all, and turned away from the grave – leaving their beloved daughter and sister behind. In a place of true and natural beauty, a tragedy that is very, very hard to accept: she had died suddenly, unexpectedly, right at the beginning of her life as an adult, with all its promise and hope!

Something about death … it seems so final. My heart especially went to her brother, who’s become my friend. I’ve seen him happy, joyful after his wedding to a beautiful girl that he really loves. I’ve listened as he told me his story of searching and learning – like some of you, he’s a real hero, because he stands with what he believes is true, even though his family doesn’t understand. On Saturday, he was so worn out and tired. He looked like a young boy, overwhelmed with something too big. My heart also went to his father, because my youngest daughter will be 24 years old this year. What would it be like to lose her, right at the beginning of her adult life? I hope I never have to find out, but on Saturday I wanted to understand, so that my heart could care for the father who lost his daughter.

And today, well … another beautiful day. So glad that spring is finally here, after such a long, dreary winter! This morning we finished our gathering, where we celebrated something wonderful: though death is real right now, its power has been finally defeated! 神 has done something powerful, wonderful, because His Son, the Teacher, was killed, but came back to life again! Just as it was real that my friend’s 24-year old sister died, it’s also real that the Teacher has come back to life!

But how can sensible, intelligent, scientific people believe this? Good question! The world is full of strange ideas, strange people – you can’t trust everyone. Wouldn’t we have to see it before we could believe it?

Click here for the teaching audio for April 8, 2012: “Believing without seeing How could anyone be expected to believe a story like this, that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead? Why would anyone be expected to stake their lives on something that, with our experience of this world, seems absurd? Let’s read some of the story together, and think through it – and “you do the math,” as we say. There is a beautiful future coming to us. That future can change everything about the way we live now.

You can click here for the April 22 lecture: more stories about “believing without seeing.” In this one we learn about how to focus our lives on hope, on the future with 神 – built on being with Him now!



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