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Will the World End on December 21, 2012?

Friends – well, it’s time for the big update: in case you didn’t know it, the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012 … at least, we’re still here. I hope you are 😉

This picture sums up my feelings about it: worst apocalypse

I hope you’re doing really well, and that you enjoy the coming days. Be sure to read the rest of the post – because even though the world as we know it didn’t end on December 21, it will end some day! And it’s really worthwhile to know how to live your daily life in light of that!

This is the post I originally wrote: enjoy!


I’m happy to write to you today, a few days before the end of the world … well, at least that’s what a lot of people think will happen.

I saw this photo, and thought you might like it:

A sudden change in the weather!

A sudden change in the weather!

What do you think? Will the world end on this day, just because the Mayan natives in South America ran out of room in the calculations for their calendar? 😉

A famous Canadian songwriter once sang about it with these words: “If this were the last night of the world, what would I do? what would I do that was different??” Click here to listen to him. The bright, happy sound of his major-key music is drained by a sad, hollow feeling from the lyrics: the mistakes he had made earlier in his life kept him away from real joy, and his heart was wounded by injustice and hopelessness that he saw in the lives of others.

And you say, “Well, Mr. 陆, you’re the man who tells us about The Library. What does The Library say about December 21, 2012?”

1. To be very honest with you: The Library does not give a date for the day when the world will end. It only gives the promise that this world of sorrow, disease, death – this world of evil where angry people kill children, where selfish people kill old people, cheat the poor, and hurt people who are already bruised – in this world where it’s really hard to find truth – well, yes, this world will come to an end. Yes, you can be certain of this. In fact, if you think deeply about it, you’ll realize that you may want this, more than you’ve thought before.

2. Why are we afraid that this world will end? Because we can’t imagine another one! We don’t know what it would look like to live in a world without death, evil, sickness, sorrow. We can’t imagine a world without violence, greed. We can’t imagine a world where genuine love and kindness and rightness really do rule over everyone. Even the man who wrote the famous song “Imagine” – he hoped to help people move toward a better world – even he, at the end of his life, had given up on most of the ideals that had earlier inspired him! And his life ended in murder – so far from his hopeful dreams.

It’s hard to imagine for several reasons: for one, many of us have heard too many promises from politicians, scientists, educators: “Everything’s getting better! the great new world is just around the corner!” and after a few years of their power over us, we see that nothing has really changed very much. Same problems, different arrangement. Or, new problems that arise from solutions to old problems – you know, “collateral damage.”

Another reason: many of us have already been hurt. We can’t imagine what it would be like to be healed! We can’t imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning with joy and anticipation … because our experience of the past defines us, tells us who we are, and where we’re going, and how life will be for us. Much of our life’s energy is spent in coping with hurt – whether we’re just afraid of what might happen, or we’re just trying to recover from what has happened.

Still another reason: most of us are honest enough to admit that there are times when we ourselves have been part of the problem: we’ve mistreated other people! We’ve given ourselves over to untruth! For whatever reasons, with whatever excuses, we’ve strengthened our own lives by making others weak. Do you understand what I mean?

Do you want yet another reason?! most of us know that the life we see around us, the life we’ve been living, doesn’t work. We’re getting more money, but we’re spending too much of our life’s time to get it! There’s no time for warmth, no time for really deep love, no time to raise children, no time to think about what our lives are really all about! We’re afraid! We’re afraid that if the world ends too soon, if we die too soon, we won’t ever really live!

3. I have the most wonderful news for you! Yes, this world of beauty and amazement – but also of the deepest sorrow and frustration – this world is going to end! 神 has absolutely promised that and guarantees it!

There are two things you can be absolutely sure of in this life: #1: you will die someday. #2: 神 will break in and end this world.

But when He does break in and end this world, 神 will create the new one. The workers and peasants will not create the new world, the scientists and politicians and educators will not create the new world. Humans have had our turn. 神 will return to reclaim it and make it all new.

In some ways it’s like He will re-create the original one – He will put things back in their proper place, death will be destroyed, sickness will be gone, His love and kindness will rule everything. You can count on Him to be absolutely kind and compassionate, absolutely fair – in a way that no mere humans could ever be on our own!

In some other ways, His new world will be even better than the original one – because so many of us will be there! So many of us have been learning and following, and 神 has been active in our lives! He has been teaching us new ways to live, and He has been building new qualities in us! He teaches us a new way to believe and think about life – and He Himself affects us, to give us a “sense” of something greater that is coming. He gives us a deeper joy, a deeper hope than this sad and dying world could ever give us.

Everything worthwhile about this world and our accomplishments in it will come into the new world! Let me speak to you most seriously now: if you learn from 神 and follow Him, everything about your life that is truly worthwhile will come with you into the new world! The deepest desire of 神’s heart is to bring you into the new world! His plan is to bring in as many people as possible!

Yes, it’s hard to imagine a new world being so much better than this one! But 神 has done something very specific to reassure us that yes, it’s all true!

Yes, it’s hard to imagine 神 as One who is so absolutely powerful, absolutely wise, and absolutely kind and compassionate to ordinary humans. To find 神 starts with the deeper truth: He is looking for you, He wants to show Himself to you. He wants to show you the way out of a world that is dying, and into the new world, bursting with new life and joy – a new world that’s coming soon.

4. “OK, Mr. 陆, what’s next? What can I do to find out more?”

Let’s work on it together. I don’t know all the answers to your questions – but together you and I can ask the One who does know the answers! Sign up for the e-mail list! Read the material on this blog! Listen to the audio! Respond, reply, get in touch. Share the page, like the page! There is a future, way beyond whatever happens on December 21, 2012.

Besides, the really worthwhile question isn’t “when will the world end?” It’s “Am I ready for it to end?”

You can ask it this way: “Is my life full and complete enough, that I can look back and say that it wasn’t wasted? Am I living for the most important things, or am I living for trivia, meaningless garbage that will surely burn?”

神 wants to give your life the special qualities that last, that make it worthwhile. He wants to give us a future so worthwhile that it can overcome any trouble we face now – even if the worst things happen. He wants everything worthwhile in us to come with us into the new world.

5. Sometimes people read words like these and say, “You’re so negative about this world! You’re so cynical about the accomplishments of humanity, especially over the last century. Where’s your faith in technology, science, education? The world is better off now than it ever has been in human history!”

Well … for one thing, we read the news, like everyone else. Many people have no way to understand what happens out there … they shake their heads in dismay and disbelief at tragedy and atrocity: “this isn’t supposed to be happening among people of our time.” But what 神 is doing has given us a framework for life that allows us to read and understand – and maybe do something constructive about it.

For another, it’s easy to forget that people who live in the developed world are all part of “the 10%” – 90% of the world doesn’t have what we have materially, socially, technologically, educationally. To think that our prosperity makes us better people is elitist. It ignores the suffering of “most” people in the world – and it prevents us from learning from those who lived before us. This arrogance says, “We in the developed world are the finest in human history. It’s their tough luck to be born in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

For still another, all the wars of the 20th century should have disabused our generation of the notion that we’re morally superior to those who came before us! Our every step forward only increases the danger – and the probability – of greater trouble ahead.

6. Fortunately, our world is ultimately in the hands of the One who made everything. We, and the wonderful world He gave us, were sucked into a rebellion we didn’t understand. But His steady, sure hand over the flow of the river of history will lead over the rocks to a destination well worth living for!

Maybe that new world will start on December 22, 2012! Maybe it won’t! Either way, 神 has done something wonderful in human history, something that gives us a firm foundation for hope and joy for the future, no matter what comes. He’s done something that gives us a reason to love, vision for what is most valuable in this life, and the ability to invest our lives in it! We welcome you to come learn and explore it with us!



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