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新年快乐!Best wishes for you in the Year of the Snake!

shenian Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you will find great blessing and joy in the Year of the Snake – though I’m not entirely sure what to expect 😉 I once knew a woman who was actually born in the Year of the Snake – but she didn’t tell anyone that – she told them she was born in the Year of the Horse instead. Maybe you understand why she would do that! 😉 I’m a 老外, so I didn’t quite get it!

I have very fond memories of my first 春节 in China, in year 2010 – 郭馨兰 and I visited some of our family members and friends who were living in north China. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I loved all the happiness, the excitement, the joy of people delighting to be together again after a long year of hard work. The fireworks, the food, the hopefulness of season – a real delight. 中国人 know how to celebrate! Westerners could learn many things from you about this!

I also remember our train trip into Henan Province, to visit a dear friend in a small city there. We went down to his city on a fast train, and returned to our northern city on a very slow train, absolutely crowded with people. Again, a little busy, but a very good memory. I met many warm-hearted 中国人 who were happy to go home, and almost sorry to go back to work. It’s hard to be separated from people you love, especially when it’s for a long time.

My heart hopes for great peace for you in this year – not just calm and tranquility, but the kind of peace that comes from confidence and joy, that your life is in good hands, that you will see 神’s kind heart for you in the new year. The Teacher gave us a saying that I think is really true: “The people who make peace with others are truly blessed – they are 神’s children, growing up like Him!” When we know that 神’s kind heart and powerful hands are with us, we can face any failure – and any success – with the ability to love other people, to make peace with them, to make the world around us a taste of the better things that 神 is bringing! There is a peace that is greater than our minds can understand – but our hearts and our spirits can perceive it! New year 2

So please accept this little photo as a token of my heart’s hope for you. Be blessed in the New Year! Be loved and full of joy! Let your heart always be full of this moment – in great anticipation of better things still to come! And may 神’s peace truly rule your life!



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