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On the Air: Fully Aware! (First Letter of John)

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2013 February 10 “On the Air: Fully Aware!”

2013 February 17 Living Every Day in the Light – so you can see what’s real.

2013 February 24 Don’t blindly believe in progress: become a real person: not perfect, but real – but more than real: changing, with the hand of 神 shaping us!

2013 March 3 Don’t fall in love with a world that can never satisfy, that will only fade. Be filled with the love of the Father, and what you do will be real.

2013 March 10 “See what love the Father has for us, that He should call us “children of 神” That’s exactly what we are!” This very powerful idea moves us forward, away from the past, into a new future we’ve never seen before! We are becoming something new, wonderful, beautiful – something no one has ever seen before!

TrumanshowThe Truman Show” was a popular movie of the late 1990’s, and its theme was very curious and interesting. You see, young Truman Burbank lives in an ordinary town, an ordinary life – mostly. Occasionally strange things happen to him, and around him, that make him wonder what’s really going on – but he’s mostly adjusted to the world as he knows it. But over time he begins to have doubts and questions that he doesn’t know how to ask – and when he tries to talk about it, no one understands him. Everyone tells him that everything’s great, there’s nothing unusual about him. But gradually he learns the shocking truth: his entire life is being lived under an artificial dome. Everything that has happened to him, all his life, has been scripted for him by the director of a TV show about him! Every other person in his life is an actor, pretending to be his wife, his co-workers, his friends. “The Truman Show” (click to read more) is a reality TV show about Truman’s life that millions of people watch for entertainment and inspiration! The caption reads, “On the Air. Unaware.”

The writer of the First Letter of John is very concerned to help his people understand that in a very important way, we all live in The Truman Show: this world is not what it appears to be! It’s very hard to know what’s real and what isn’t – what lasts and what fades away – what is good and what is really evil and hurtful. And 神 has sent The Teacher to us, from “outside the dome,” to show us what is real and true, so that we can live powerfully, with integrity, with truth. In this series we’re going to explore what the world looks like – and what our lives look like – as we follow The Teacher.

What kind of person can see through the fog of confusion, and find what is real? What does it take to become that kind of person? 神’s heart and hand are not here to give us shame: He will help us!

A day is coming when 神 will draw back the curtain, when everything will become visible and real – but until that day, you could say that our lives are much like the Truman Show. The big difference: we will be fully aware! The Teacher will show us how to do it right!


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