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HAPPY 2016! “Prepare the Way of the Lord!”

Welcome to 2016! Did you think it would ever arrive? It’s a little funny to think about “new year’s resolutions” – why do we need the change of the calendar to make decisions about our lives? On the other hand, whatever helps us do that is probably a good idea, though some might disagree. 😉

Long ago 神 reached out to His people – when they were in a time of hopelessness – and He gave them a new sense of hope – a new reason to hold on to Him – a new reason to trust and obey. In this series we’ll look not so much at 神’s side of the equation – that is, what 神 does to change things – but instead to “our side of the equation”: what did God tell us to do, in order to become the kind of people that He can work in?

wilderness of judea
The Judean Desert – that’s where John was, calling people back to 神 again. Pretty bleak, isn’t it! The desert was a dry, barren, hopeless place – but also the place where 神’s ancient Israelite people first came to truly know Him. In a place where we don’t know where we’re going, where we don’t know where our food and water are coming from – in a place where we’re not so much in control – that’s where the ancient people met 神 – and where we meet Him.

There are only a few very basic questions that we need to answer, in order to give 神 room to work with us. Tune in, and let’s explore it together. Click here for the audio, and here for the PowerPoint PDF. Enjoy!

Prepare the highway
“Prepare the Way of the Lord!” “Baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, winnowing.” Everything changes when we realize that “the way of the Lord” isn’t so much the road we travel to get to Him – it’s the road He travels to get to us! Talk of being baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire … very strange to us in our time, with our centuries of religious tradition and cultural interests. In John’s day these words were powerful, joyful, motivating, hopeful. Let’s dial in a little to what he was saying, and to what they were hearing, and find our place in the story! Click here for the audio, and here for the PowerPoint PDF. Enjoy!


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