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Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.

About Us

“About Us” is really not about me – it’s about us – you and me and 神.

1.  Welcome to 冉冉升起! I really like the idiom! The very beginning of all of 神’s communication with humans: He is working, all around us, to keep a great promise He has made – and so there is hope!

Here you can find “resources for living” in “the Big Picture of life.” This material will be especially relevant to you as 中国人, living in a new society that is changing very quickly. No matter what your beliefs-background is, I believe that 神 will give you help and encouragement for your life. You might find ideas here that you have never thought of before. I hope you will be refreshed.

2.  Along the top of the blog you’ll see tabs: “About Us,” “Courses,” “Learning to Live,” “Studies in The Library,” and “Free Lectures Audio.” If you mouse over each tab you’ll see articles and audio files for you. If you’re using a smartphone or mobile device, you can click on the tab for a list of articles and files. I update occasionally, so see “Newest Updates Here” for the very latest changes. Every week I add new audio files. It takes a little longer to write the articles 😉

3.  Many articles introduce you to “The Library,” a well-known collection of documents which will give us many new ideas for our lives. Some articles will give new and different ideas about relationships, parenting, marriage, success. Other articles will refer to Chinese culture, history, and literature, to help us think more deeply about who we are and where we are going. Some articles are personal, written for friends.

Most of the writing on this blog will be in English. Sometimes friends will translate articles into Chinese, and sometimes special guest writers will also write pages. Try using the Google translator if my English words are confusing. If you can’t figure it out, “reply” and ask me what I mean 😉 No problem. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

4.  To me this blog is like a “station,” a “gate” – not a destination to stay, but a place to come for awhile – in order to go somewhere else. Don’t end your journey here! Instead, find some things here that will help you continue your journey. To me, it’s like this …

I live in Canada. My first visit to China was during Chunjie 2010. This was a very enjoyable time, and we met many wonderful people. My wife and I visited our son and his lovely wife and our beautiful granddaughter, who lived in north China. While we were there, we travelled by train to Beijing, and we had to make our way through the Beijing South Railway Station. What a hectic experience!

Guo Xinlan (郭馨兰) & Lu Daoming (陆道明) at the Bejing South Railway Station

Of course, you can imagine the crowds during Chunjie – you’ve probably been there! Our plan was to go north to Tiananmen Square — so of course we would have to take the Beijing subway. But there were so many people lining up in the cold morning sun outside the railway station – it would take hours of standing in line before we could even get onto the subway!

My son and his wife led us on a 10-minute walk to Chongwenmen Station (崇文门), just to the west of Beijing South Railway Station – almost no one else was there! So for the cost of only a short walk, we got onto the subway and up to Tiananmen very quickly, and we made the most of our time in Beijing.

That’s the way I’d like for you to think of this blog. It’s a place like Chongwenmen Station, “off of the main path,” where many people have not come yet – but a place where you can find information that will help you find your destination a lot more quickly than standing in line where everyone else is.

6.  At the end of his wonderful 1921 short story “My Old Home” (故乡) Lu Xun said that hope is like roads on the earth: “For there were no roads in the beginning, but where many people travel one way a road is made.” This has made me think of something …

Sometimes when people don’t know where to go, they simply follow everyone else – they think that everyone else knows where to go: “If I follow, eventually I will arrive, too.” But who said that everyone else knows the right way to the right destination? When too many people travel one way, there is no longer a road, only a crowd — and no longer any hope. If you follow too much and wait too long, you might never get to your destination. So let’s try to find a better way.

I hope that the things you find on this blog will help us think differently, “laterally.” With fresh ideas, a fresh connection to the One who made us, and fresh friendship between us, we can find the way of hope and arrive at the destination for our lives that is truly hopeful, joyful, and real.

“Information” and “motivation” live in everything in 冉冉升起: some of the tabs (like “Studies in The Library”) are more “information,” and some pages (like “Letters From Lu”) are more “motivation.” I hope all of it leads you to “transformation.”

谢谢: This blog comes to you because of the influence of many Chinese people in my life.

神 helps people because He wants to show us the way of hope. His way leads to the wonderful destination He has created for us. He will meet us there someday. You will see it. And everyone who wants to come along is welcome. Enjoy!



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