Welcome to 冉冉升起 RanRanShengQi

Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.

Winter 2012 – 2013: A Season of New Hope!

2012 November 25 “Comfort for the people!”

2012 December 2 “The Son of David: when 神 makes a promise, He keeps it!”

2012 December 9 “神 is getting ready to intervene, to do something wonderful!” We are not defined by the past: there is a new way. It’s not always easy to believe that! But He will help us!

2012 December 30 “神 is getting ready to intervene, to do something wonderful!” We are not limited by who we are: 神 adds to what we are, makes us more than we ever have been before!

2013 January 6 “神 is about to intervene to do something wonderful!” But there’s two sides to it! John called people to recognize that when God brings in rightness, He ruins evil. Choose sides! Here’s how!

2013 January 20 “神’s Spirit, the Teacher baptized, and you: all connected!” Entering a new connection with 神, time to get off the boat and into a new world!

神 has always been involved in the business of reaching out to people, to help us find Him. Our history with Him can be described in terms of 4 “stages,” a series of changes in the relationship that are repeated many times. If you understand this, you will be able to read the Bible and learn quite a bit! You will understand what 神 is doing, what He’s looking for, and how to respond to Him!

In Stage 1, 神 loves people, blesses them, gives them connection with Himself, with each other, with our environment. He gives amazing abilities and opportunities!

In Stage 2, humans stray away from His help, and try to take control on our own. There’s interference from outside that tells us we can do better without 神, and so we begin to do what we think is best, without considering His instructions. It’s like drinking petrol: petrol is great for cars, but terrible in your coffee! In Stage 2, we poison ourselves and destroy other people, too.

In Stage 3, 神 has to intervene to stop the evil that we have unleashed – and when He does this, He has to try to save whatever can be salvaged. The rest has to be destroyed, there’s no longer any hope. 神 hates to do this, but sometimes it’s the only way that anything can be saved.

In Stage 4, 神 puts people in a new place, where they can start over – and maybe find Him, and find their way back to Stage 1.

Our story starts in a time of devastation, among people who know they can’t go back to the past, but don’t know where to find the future. 神’s words of comfort and hope for them are words of comfort and hope for us, too!


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