Welcome to 冉冉升起 RanRanShengQi

Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.

神’s Gathering: Power, purpose, promise!

This is the audio lecture list: click on the links, and start from here:

2012 September 16: 神’s Gathering: Power, purpose, promise! In the ancient style, 神 “calls” us: He shows us Himself in a greater way, gives us our purpose, and strengthens us with His promise.

2012 September 30: 神’s Gathering: Power to change! The gods – and the politics – of the ancient world promised stability, security, peace – but they couldn’t deliver these things. Through The Teacher, 神 gives us a road map, the Purpose, that is greater than any trouble that this world can give. He also gives us power to be changed: in some things, it takes a long time. But in many things, the changes come quickly!

2012 October 7: 神’s Gathering: Power to change! The earliest followers of The Teacher lived out a way of life that was very different – values that are very constructive and helpful, but built on a different foundation. The people of the surrounding culture – just like in our time – were empty people trying to find hope. We begin with fullness and hope, and so we bring new values and new behaviour to everyday life. And so we are changed, people around us are changed, and the Great Day comes closer when everything is made new!

2012 October 14: 神’s Gathering: Power to change! The Teacher has all authority and power: He has overcome death itself. His greatness and authority works in us to do greater things than we could ever do on our own. By creating a new “gathering” of people, new things happen. Over the centuries the beauty of the Teacher’s gift has been made hard to see, because of human traditions and problems. We are returning to the early style of following!

神 has always been reaching to people, making special connections to help us know Him and live with His help. In this series we’re going to explore some of the early stories of The Gathering, the people who believed and followed the Teacher.

Over many centuries since the time of the Teacher, people have changed the content of the teaching, and how it’s lived out in daily life. We’re a gathering that’s trying to follow in the basic, ancient style, without all the extra traditions and noise – and trouble – that’s come since the beginning. The Teacher did it right! His first followers, following Him, did it right! Let’s learn from Him, and from them!


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