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Abraham: An Unexpected Journey (Genesis)

Here’s the list of the recordings in one of our recent teaching series. Click on the link, and enjoy!

May 5, 2013: Welcome to Coffee with Abraham! There’s an old saying: “The children are a road map to the parents – and the parents are a road map to the children.” In this series, we’re going to learn a lot about how 神 builds connections between Himself and us. He understands that our world and our life experience make it difficult to understand Him – and very difficult to believe Him. So He helps us, in many ways. In this series, we’re going to learn through the stories of real people who lived long ago, and how He built a living connection with them. The way He did it with them is something like the way He wants to do it with us. The struggles they had to face in order overcome their doubt – are very much like our struggles. This series has been a lot of fun – I hope you enjoy it!

May 12, 2013: Abram’s Unexpected Journey! The journey wasn’t simply over the geographic distance between his home and the new place: the journey was about the changes in his heart along the way – and how 神 helped him when the situation got out of his control! The way he learned is a lot like how we learn! How 神 helped him is much like how 神 wants to help us!

May 19, 2013: Abram’s Unexpected Journey! After his big failure in Egypt, Abram starts over in his walk with 神. This time, he has learned something new: to trust in 神’s promise for the future changes the way we behave now! You’ll like the change!

May 26, 2013: Abram: Educating the Heart for Hope! 神 understands how hard it is to believe in someone you can’t see – so He helps us. Abram had been trusting the promise so far, but the future looked so uncertain – so 神 helps educate his heart so he can hope: not to “have” yet – but instead, to “not have,” but still walk forward! Hope heals us! Hope makes us better!

June 2, 2013: Abram: Hope, not having! 神 understands how hard it is to believe in someone you can’t see – so He helps us. But His hope is bigger than ours, and sometimes it can be very difficult to hold on to hope: 神 thinks in bigger ways than we do! Abram and Sarai made a terrible mistake on the road to hope: hear the story, learn with them, and hold on to hope!

June 9, 2013: Abram: Moving from blessing to covenant! This was a red-letter day for Abram: 神 gave him a new name, and a new “place” in his connection with 神. 神 also wants to move us from a place of blessing (as we get to know Him) to a place of “covenant,” the strong connection.

June 16, 2013: Abram: Resolving the problems, Receiving the blessing! In this series of stories, a lot of things that have been a problem for Abraham finally come together and are solved! It’s interest to see how 神 works over 28 years to bring everything together for him! Think about this when you’re asking Him for help: His picture of our lives is much bigger – and better – than we could have ever discovered on our own!

June 30, 2013: Abraham: Trusting 神 when nothing makes sense! This time, 神 asks Abraham to do something he’s never done before, would never think of doing … exactly the right thing. In this story, the last chains break off of Abraham’s heart. What would it look like for your heart to be free like his became free?!

July 7, 2013: Abraham: Trusting 神 when you can’t see how the plan can work. This time, instead of 神 asking Abraham to do something, Abraham looks into what’s happening in the present, and looks into what’s going to happen in the future, and decides to trust 神 to keep His promise. Even if we can’t see how the plan will work, 神 can see, and He works with whatever we give Him to keep His promise.

July 14, 2013: Isaac: An Unexpected Challenge! Isaac starts his journey with 神 not from the old country – as his father Abram did – but he starts from a close: he grows up knowing the stories about 神 from his father. But he has to learn about how hope heals us, too. How does 神’s covenant move to the new generation? Heartache moves us to hope! Hope heals us!

July 21, 2013: Jacob: An Unexpected Crisis! Isaac’s family is complicated and dysfunctional – he favours his oldest son Esau, and Rebekah his wife favours the second son Jacob. Their temperaments and attitudes toward life are very different, and they do things to each other that are dishonest and disturbing. 神’s heart for them all is very good: but how will He reach through all their darkness to give them hope?! The story continues!

July 28, 2013: Jacob: An Unexpected Change! Jacob has had a spiritual awakening! 神 showed up in a strange and awesome dream, and Jacob has begun a new direction for his life. For the first little while, the changes are very surprising indeed, very unexpected, very happy and joyful – though you can see trouble ahead. What happens when 神 begins to communicate with us? How does He make things different?

August 4, 2013: Jacob: An Unexpected Challenge! Jacob has had a spiritual awakening! 神 showed up in a strange and awesome dream, and Jacob has begun a new direction for his life. You would think that everything would be easier, now that 神 is working in Jacob’s life – but things actually became more difficult! 神 helps us through everything – so what did Jacob need to learn from his new life, and why did he need to learn it? Something wonderful is getting ready to happen to him – but the path to that wonderful place requires changes in his heart. How does 神 bring those changes to us?

August 11, 2013: Jacob: An Unexpected Journey Home! Jacob has started on the road back to his home – but what is waiting for him there? Among other things, his brother Esau, whom he had cheated and hurt long ago. What does 神 do to teach Jacob and protect him from his brother’s anger? This is a great part of the story!!

August 18, 2013: Jacob’s sons: An Unexpected Journey! Jacob has spent much of his adult life learning and growing with 神. But while he’s growing, what’s happening with his sons?! Who is helping them know 神 and His ways? No one! The story we’ve been telling takes a new turn now: Jacob’s sons have heard of 神 but their lives are full of hostility, hatred, bitterness toward each other – and toward one brother in particular! Something terrible happens – much worse than they ever could have imagined. What will 神 do to bring them back together? What will He do to help them know Him?!

September 1, 2013: Joseph’s Unexpected Journeys! Joseph is only 17 years old – sold into terrifying slavery in Egypt, into a life with no future, no hope. But 神 has other ideas, and helps Joseph through many challenging situations, many very unexpected events. Some of the events are very easy and good – some are very hard to take! Joseph grows and learns about 神 and His ways: Joseph is not in control – 神 is! 神’s plan is very, very big – to help many people! How will it come together? How can we learn and follow in this?!

September 8, 2013: The Very Unexpected Journeys of Jacob’s Sons! Jacob’s heart is broken, his sons are mired in hidden guilt and shame, Joseph is far from the family – all of this, over more than 20 years! 神 has helped Joseph – but how will He reach the rest of the family? How can they all be brought back together in peace? This story has a wild, unpredictable chain of events, with a wonderful ending! 神’s plan is very, very big – to help many people! He is so much better than anyone expects. How will He make it come together? How can we learn and follow Him in this?!

There’s a fascinating connection between a man who actually lived in a real location almost 4000 years ago – and you and me today: Abraham is called “the father of those who have faith” in 神 to keep His promises. There is something about the way 神 helped Abraham find Him in the year 1900 BC that corresponds directly to the way 神 wants to help us find Him today! It’s not about religion: it’s about real life.

???????????????????????????????One of the great blessings of my life: the conversations I get to have with my adult children! We get to talk about what we think, how we feel, about the way we experienced life when we were growing up – there is so much to learn about ourselves in our conversations with each other: the children are a road map to the parents, and the parents are a road map to the children!

What is the “family resemblance” with Abraham as our father that God wants to be sure we carry? This series is something like “Coffee with Abraham,” because we want to sit down with the father of our style of faith and ask him some questions about his life! About where he came from! About his feelings, his challenges, his failures – and his successes – in living with 神, Who showed Himself! We’re going to read the stories of Abraham in the way the Bible tells it: from before Abraham’s time (so we understand where he’s coming from) to after his time – so we can see the fruit of his life, his legacy for us.

You know, in many ways at the beginning of the story Abraham seems like a Hobbit: he’s more concerned with doilies and his mother’s 100-year-old dishes than he is with anything really important: but God spoke into his life! And the sense of hope that he received grew like a seed, with a root, and finally big decisions to do what he had never done before! And so he goes out the door of the house and on an adventure – a very different adventure than he ever could have imagined!

And as always, 神 Himself turns out to be the real Hero of the story – you’ll like that part, too!

Let’s tune in Abraham’s story – and learn the faith in 神’s heart that he learned! Your comments are welcome, too!


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