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Covenant: 神’s Great Gift

Audio links:

2010 December 26     2011 January 2       2011 January 9

2011 February 6        2011 February 13     2011 February 20

2011 March 6             2011 March 13      2011 March 20

2011 March 27          2011 April 3            2011 April 10

神 understands this world better than we might think — He knows that life can be beautiful, but also very frustrating. How can we make sense of our lives in a world that is so broken, so messed up? Is forgiveness the greatest gift? Or is there something else? 神 has always understood how much people need forgiveness. But His heart wants to do so much more than to forgive us. This is a very brief study of 神’s New Covenant: the New Deal of life close to Him, where we can receive the wholeness we need, even though the world is broken. His gift of the Holy Spirit – the “Great Gift,” brings us into the flow of all His promises. We will learn about “covenant,” 神’s wonderful gift of arrangement and order which brings Him close to us, and gives us security, peace, identity, destiny. We’re exploring how 神 has done “covenant” in the past, and how He will do it with us now — because He has an even more wonderful arrangement for the future. “Let’s Make A Deal!”


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