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Finding Real Joy in Real Life (Ecclesiastes)

Audio archives:

June 24, 2012: “You’re all going to die! So what will you do with your life? This is the one question you must answer, if you are going to have any hope of real joy in life.

July 1, 2012: “Life is senseless – but it’s not worthless! Qoheleth found out: “Having everything” does not make you any better off than the person who has less! “Having less” does not mean you’ve failed as a person!

July 15, 2012: “神 is real, 神 is awesome! Be real with 神! Qoheleth knows how easy it is to be false, to pretend in how we communicate with 神. Here’s how to be real with 神. 神 wants to be real to you – He will help you be real to Him!

July 22, 2012: “Injustice can not be stopped! There is no one who is truly righteous! Time and chance happen to everyone! Life is unfair!” Yes, that’s all true – and because it’s all true, it’s also is your very best hope!

August 5, 2012: “In a world that doesn’t make sense, where is 神!” You’d be surprised: much closer than you think. You can connect with 神 in a very remarkable number of ways, every day!

For some people, this is the strangest document in the entire Library: “why is it in there? It’s depressing, it brings me down.” For other people, this is the document that opens their eyes to hope: “finally, someone understands my life!”

The name of the document comes from an old word for “a teacher who gathers students together,” and this particular teacher was Solomon: the wealthiest, most powerful king that ancient Israel ever had. This man had more wealth, more power, more wives for love, more freedom than anyone in the ancient world. He gathered his children to teach them, to say, “I have everything you want. I have done everything you want to do. I want to tell you what life is really all about, before you start out on your journey – so that you will know the difference between what is truly worthwhile, and what is a waste of your life.”

We all live in a culture of deceit, lies, untruth. Doesn’t matter whether we live in the East or the West. People around us are trying to take from us, and they will tell us what we want to hear, so that we will give them what they want. When they’ve left us, when their promises fail, we have nothing. We think that our lives will be complete if we achieve, if we find love, if we succeed – but the truth about life is this: nothing works! Solomon, our teacher, wants to protect us from that, by teaching us how to tell the truth, how to live in the truth – and most importantly, how to be joyful in the truth about life. Start from here!



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