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Following 神: New Focus, New Clarity

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In the middle of the first century AD, many people in the ancient Greek/Roman city of Corinth became followers of 神. Paul was the man who lived among them for awhile, and first taught them and helped them find their way into 神’s powerful and wise help. After Paul moved to another city, he wrote a series of letters to the followers in Corinth to help them bring 神’s help deep into their daily lives. We’re going to focus on one of these letters in this series of audio teaching.

Reading other people’s mail is always a little tricky. You have to know about the person who wrote it – about the people to whom it was written – and about the situations they’re talking about. Otherwise, it’s impossible to understand. So we’ll look at the ancient Corinthian society, how these people grew up and lived, and how following 神 changed them. Their process of growing is very much like ours! The same power and wisdom that changed them can change us!

The ancient city of Corinth had a “founding myth,” a very old story told about its first King: Sisyphus. Sisyphus was powerful, clever, and brutal. He frequently killed guests, and anyone else who prevented him from getting what he wanted. He tried to outwit the old Greek gods, and nearly succeeded. Finally the chief of the old gods punished Sisyphus by forcing him to carry a huge boulder up a large mountain, almost to the top – only for it to roll back down again – repeating it over and over again for all eternity! Some people say that their job feels like that. Others say that about their marriage, and about other aspects of their lives! It’s certainly the way of a broken world – and 神 can set us free from this!

Ancient Corinth was a very important port city. People from all over the ancient world chose to live there. Life was very challenging, and powerful people mistreated the ordinary people and threw them away like old car tires. Everyone was trying to make money, get status, trying to be bigger and wealthier than their neighbours. Not the way we`re made to live!

神 has designed and engineered humans to think, feel, and behave in certain ways. If we follow those ways, our lives make sense, and we find the best we can be. If we get confused and don’t follow 神’s ways, we will find frustration.

This letter shows us how following 神 leads us to live according to the way He originally designed us to live. If we can trust 神’s heart and submit to His power and direction, then the new way of life He calls us to live will heal us!

It’s not always easy to see how different following 神 really is, from the way we live in our society. This letter will help us clarify the difference in many ways – this will help us find a more mature and complete trust and obedience, leading to more complete healing – and a life that makes sense!

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