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Job: From Hope to Ashes … to Greater Hope

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2011 July 24     2011 July 31     2011 August 7     2011 August 14

2011 September 4     2011 September 11     2011 September 18

2011 September 25       2011 October 2       2011 October 9

It seems that many cultures have a story like this one:  “Job” was his name. He was a very, very good man who had everything a person could wish for: security, wealth, family, respect, even a good relationship with 神 — but many very terrible things happened to him anyway.  None of the things he owned could protect him from very unfair suffering and pain. Why did this happen to him? How did he cope with it? 

Job’s wealthy friends tried to help him — very poorly! Their easy answers for his pain were dishonest, and he knew it. He asked his friends many very difficult, probing questions about life, about 神, but they could only pretend to know: they didn’t have the real answers.  If you have ever been hurt by the events of life, you will understand many things about this story: others have probably misunderstood you, and you’ve probably asked some of Job’s questions, too!

Eventually Job found his answers — in a most unexpected way. You can find your answers in a very similar way.

Almost everyone will experience good things in life, one way or another. Whether we like it or not, most of us will experience pain, sorrow, suffering, too. People that we love and care for will also have suffering and pain, too. What is the real meaning of our lives, when the world is so broken and unfair? How can we survive and grow beyond the pain and unfairness? How can we be truly helpful to others who are trying to find their way through pain and suffering and unfairness?

There is a much better answer than “fate,” “something you did in a past life,” “somehow it’s your fault.” This real answer will give your life strength, direction, a path to real hope and real change. But it’s not the kind of answer you might expect!

This very old document was written about someone living in the ancient Middle East.  Modern Eastern people will understand many things about this story! As we teach, we will make many references to the culture which will make it easier for you to learn a lot from it. Enjoy!


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