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Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.

Good News Starts Here!

In this study we will look into the deeper roots, the stories behind the words of The Teacher. The beginning of the “Mark” document contains many words that seem ordinary enough on the surface – but when we look into “the stories behind the story” we find very powerful ideas and claims. 神 offers an amazing hope for us when we begin to see the story in the original way, the way of the first hearers.

The ancient history of 神’s work with humans gives us the word-pictures we need to make our way. We’re going to draw the curtain open, so that with the influence of the history we can see into what 神 is doing in the life and work of The Teacher. Enjoy!

2013 September 15: Good News Starts Here! Many of the word-pictures in Mark 1 come from the earliest stories of the human race. What is the writer saying about The Teacher?! In Him, all the stories are coming true!

2013 September 22: More ancient hopes coming true right now! There’s a kind of religion that puts more walls between 神 and ordinary people: but The Teacher tears down walls and builds connection between 神 and ordinary people. Especially new stuff about demons and sickness: in the work of The Teacher, oppressive things leave! All the old stories are coming true!

2013 September 29:  Clean and unclean: how much better 神 is than we expect! “Clean and unclean” was originally a beautiful gift from 神 to His people – it was supposed to help them become more humane, more balanced, better humans. But over time the real meaning was lost and it became a source of trouble and sorrow and confusion. The Teacher behaves like 神 behaves: He comes close to people to help us find our way! He doesn’t demand explanations, doesn’t criticize us until we improve: He meets us where we are to give us hope!

2013 October 20: The Upside-Down Kingdom: our discomfort with this broken world is the key to coming into the new world, starting now! The Teacher is very surprising. Most people would think that you have to be “very good,” “very successful” to qualify for 神’s special friendship. But in fact, our discomfort and sorrow and hunger and failures say better things about us than we think! The Teacher is helping us connect with 神’s heart – by showing us how to live generously, as 神 is generous.

2013 November 3: The New People of 神, On the Border of the Promised Land! Just as 神 long ago brought His new people together in the desert, and prepared them for the Promised Land – in the same way The Teacher is bringing people together into a new society, a new “nation,” a new people, right on the border of the Great Day, when everything is made right! There is one law in this new nation: “treat each other the way 神 treats you!” And The Teacher helps us by showing us the one and only path that really works, so we’re not confused.

2013 November 17: The New Ethics of the New People of 神, built on the foundation of blessing! The Good News is very good news, indeed! 神 is breaking in to our time now to give us hope, a piece of the future that is coming, and everyone is welcome! But there’s a complication: we live in a broken world, and we’ve all been affected by it. In fact, even our response to 神 is broken: so The Teacher is helping us find our way to the Good News in truth, so that we’re not confused! So that 神 can give us everything He has promised – and so that we can do everything He has in His mind for us to do.

2013 November 24: The New Ethics of the New People of 神: responding to the Word, and a purpose for life! More from The Teacher about overcoming the broken way that humans in a broken world respond to 神. We’ll look at a couple of stories from The Teacher’s life that illustrate very clearly what we can do, and how we can do it.

2013 December 1: 神’s complete generosity: why He wants us to give Him our lives! Some of the most perplexing teaching that The Teacher ever gave: “if you want to follow me, you must disown yourself! take a cross every day! then follow me!” What does all this mean? Why does He say this? 神 is so incredibly generous and kind, starting now – and this is the way to receive all that He is trying to give us – and give through us to other people!

2013 December 8: The Response that 神 is looking for! The world is broken – most of us recognize that. We’re broken – most of us recognize that, too. 神 is trying to help us overcome the brokenness, to be healed. But what is He looking for? What can we do so that we will know we are giving Him what He wants? You’re really going to like the answer! We’ll be studying mostly in Luke 7, and a few verses in Luke 18. Read, hear, be blessed!

2013 December 15: The Teacher is the King! 神 reaches out to a world that doesn’t recognize Him, doesn’t understand Him, acts like it doesn’t want Him! Every time The Teacher did something good, some people resisted – so 神 did something even greater! In Luke’s story, the King keeps raising the power, doing the greater good – and He is resisted and rejected – finally humans kill Him! And then He does the most wonderful thing of all! When you understand what kind of King the Teacher is, you can follow!

2013 December 29: Finding the Fire! 神 has a special way of communicating with people like us, who have many questions and many unmet needs, who find it hard to believe. Today we’re going to follow a word-picture that’s repeated several times in the stories of the Library: fire. This one’s different, not what you’ll expect! 神 has done something wonderful to help us be honest about our questions and doubts and hurts – but still to follow and grow!


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