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“GRAVITY”: How 神 Helps Us Learn to Pray

gravity trailer
Did you get to see the 2013 movie “Gravity”? Did you enjoy it?

Many people have written reviews and blog articles about it, and we’re not going to go over all that. What’s interesting to us is how spiritual themes become caught up in a movie about humans trying to cope with a world that doesn’t work as we want it to work. Without spending a lot of time describing the movie, we do want to talk about something of the spiritual side of it – because as you can see in a lot of the literature and media of our time, people are spiritually unsettled. We’re looking for answers to very big questions, and all our science and technology doesn’t seem to be helping us with the things that mean the most!

gravity disaster

The main character of the movie is the sole survivor of a disaster – she has to find her way home, with no help from Earth. And in the effort to find her way home, she has to face the truth that she’s truly alone – click here for a brief video of the really poignant moment when she realizes it. “I’d say a prayer for myself, but I’ve never prayed in my life – nobody ever taught me how.”

Gravity hopeless

Well … this series isn’t about the movie, though we do use it to introduce the topic. 神 understands the situation of our lives – a world that’s bigger than our ability to control it – a trouble that keeps getting worse – what one writer called “a relentless ‘Murphy’s Law: if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong – and at the worst possible time.'” This series is about what 神 has done and is doing to help us pray – so that we will never again find ourselves in that desperate place.

We hope that this series will do more than “talk about prayer” – we need actually to pray to God! This isn’t about “knowing more about it,” but about finding the heart to do it.

神’s help isn’t found in the “skill, science, technology” of prayer. It’s not found in specially acquired status or “member privileges.” It’s found in something wonderful, from Him. Tune in, enjoy the series!

2014 July 27: The Big Picture: 神 is helping us find Him! How can normal people ever “speak” to the Supreme Being, the Dao, the Force, the Higher Power? How can we relate to an “omni-potent, omni-scient, omni-beneficent, etc.” God? We can’t, really: He has something much better for us.

2014 August 3: How The Teacher Helps Us Pray: The Teacher is helping us find 神! Jesus, The Teacher, had a constant sense of connection to 神. When we’re baptized, we share His connection! That connection is all about how 神 shows Himself to us: as a Father!

2014 August 10: How 神 Helps Us Pray: the Holy Spirit speaks! 神 Himself becomes involved in praying, by communicating with us. He “speaks,” in many ways. His special way of communicating is “distinct,” different from everything else. He is helping us become confident to speak to Him.

2014 August 17: How 神 Helps Us Pray: the Holy Spirit speaks – in our praying! 神’s Spirit affects us directly, by helping us see what He sees: the glorious future He promises on the Great Day. He Himself becomes involved in our praying, by speaking His words to us as we speak our words to Him.

2014 August 24: How 神 Helps Us Pray: Prayer in the Spirit #2 神 Himself communicates with us by becoming involved in our praying. In the Bible the Spirit often shows up in the context of prayer and praise! The promise of the Holy Spirit means that all 神’s people are “prophets.”

2014 August 31: How 神 Helps Us Pray: how we can pray in the Spirit 神’s Spirit affects us directly: He “intrudes” on us, in ways that are much the same way He affected the ancient prophets long ago. “Yes, but that was so long ago! How can we do now what they did back then?” Today we’re going to give you some ideas of how to pray in the Spirit.

2014 September 7: How 神 Helps Us Pray: when we gather together, He is with us The weekly gathering of 神’s people has a long history, and what happened in it has changed a lot over that time. What was the original idea? How does praying in His Spirit affect us when we’re together?


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