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The Heart of the Teacher

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2011 April 17     2011 April 24     2011 May 1

2011 May 15     2011 May 22     2011 October 16

We want to know how to focus on the heart of the story, and to give it the priority attention that it deserves, always!

In the Teacher, 神 came here, into our lives and our world! He did and said things that only 神 could do. Humans didn’t understand, but that didn’t stop Him from reaching to us anyway, and showing us anyway, and trying to help us anyway.

In this series, we will look not only at the last events of the Teacher’s time among us in this world (the “passion” of the Teacher), but also at the “heart” of the Teacher. What was going on around Him? Why did He respond as He did? What was 神 doing? What does that have to do with us, in our lives, now?

In what happened to the Teacher, humans did the very worst they could do – and 神 did the very best that He could do!

It is this very thing that makes the Teacher completely different from all other famous teachers, e.g. the Buddha, Muhammad, Laozi, Kongzi, etc.


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