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Light in the Darkness: the 4th Story

The Teacher said and did things like no one else. In some ways, what He said and did made perfect sense – in other ways, He was very difficult to understand! That’s not because what He said and did was nonsensical or complicated: it’s because He didn’t come from this world, and so He spoke and acted in different ways that are unfamiliar to us. We’ve been in darkness so long that we no longer know what light is like. The Teacher knew this, and what He does to help us see light, changes us!

This series began as a brief look at what happened when The Teacher died on the cross and was raised back to life again – how His ancient followers felt and behaved, what they learned about Him, and how to follow Him more fully. We’ve continued looking at how 神 “sent” Him, and ultimately, how 神 “sends” us!

“From Hero to Zero: and Choosing Sides” for the teaching audio for April 8, 2012. Believing without seeing: How could anyone be expected to believe a story like this, that The Teacher was raised from the dead? Why would anyone be expected to stake their lives on something that, with our experience of this world, seems absurd? Let’s read some of the story together, and think through it – and “you do the math.”

“Seeds, Fruit, and Taking Sides” These are more stories from the Gospel of John’s characters about “believing without seeing.” In this one we learn about how to focus our lives on hope, on the future with 神 – built on being with Him now!

“Leaving and Staying” The Teacher spent a lot of time in the Gospel of John talking about leaving – but also a lot about staying. How can we follow Him when we can’t see Him?

“Driving Out the Darkness” In the 4th document of the New part of the Library, The Teacher never performs an exorcism (driving out an unclean spirit) on an individual person. Instead, He does something to the whole world to set us free from the interference of darkness!

“Sending and Receiving” In the 4th Story of the New part of The Library, The Teacher constantly talks about “the One who sent me.” This kind of talk has deep roots in the ancient culture of “sending and receiving messages,” quite different from our own. What does it mean for 神 to “send” Him? What does it mean for humans to “receive” the message? And what on earth does The Teacher mean when He says, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you”?!

“In the Cosmic Courtroom: Legal Language” The 4th Story of the New part of The Library uses a lot of legal language: “witness,” “testify,” “testimony,” “verdict,” “judge,” etc. What does this word picture suggest? How does living in a courtroom impact our lives every day? And what does it mean for 神’s Spirit to be our “Advocate”? This is different!

“You, Singular and Plural” The Teacher spoke of many things that are important for us individually and personally – but He also spoke of how 神 helps us all together! How can we keep our freedom and still be close to people?!

“The Tent, the Light, and Love that never ends” The writer of the 4th Story explains some new things from the older stories of 神 and His ancient covenant people. 神 is giving a new gift now, a new light – He lives with us in a new way. Now people from every nation, every culture are welcome to be His Chosen people!

“From I AM to Father” What the 4th Writer says about 神 is quite unexpected and startling. The ancient people were given a gift – and we are given a gift – that is far more valuable than we realize! And, for all you fathers out there, Happy Fathers’ Day!

Stay tuned!


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