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Dawn of The Greatest Hope: Revelation

Audio links:

2010 April 4       2010 April 11     2010 April 18

2010 April 25     2010 May 2       2010 May 9

2010 May 23     2010 May 30     2010 June 6

2010 June 13     2010 June 20     2010 June 27

2010 July 4        2010 July 11       2010 July 18

A special document, the last one in The Library, written at the end of the first century, in ancient Turkey.  The whole Western world was dominated by the superpower of Rome — a wealthy, powerful society of great accomplishment.  It was also a sick, depraved society that wasted vast wealth, prostituted beauty, oppressed the poor, destroyed its environment.  Rome was built and carried on the backs of slaves, entertained by executions and violent death, a society that tore the lives of 老百姓 into hopeless shreds.

How can we live as people of integrity, truth, real love, in a world like this?  How can we stay on the road of hope when everything around us is trying to make us compromise our values and give up?  Where can we find joy, so that in the struggle to do what is right, our hearts don’t become angry and bitter?  How can we hold on to what is good and do what is good, without becoming part of the problem we’re fighting?  How can we encourage our children and grandchildren to hold onto the way of hope?

神 is going to do something so amazingly beautiful and good some day, and we will all see it.  What will He do?  What can it mean to our lives now, while we’re waiting?  This document is full of powerful, moving word-pictures which show us the truth about this world, and the great hope for the new world, far beyond our wildest imagination.


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