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Matthew: Learning to Follow The Teacher

Listen to the teaching via these audio links:

2010 September 19     2010 October 3          2010 October 10

2010 October 17         2010 November 21     2010 November 28

This mid-first century document is another story of The Teacher’s life, focusing especially on His teaching about how to connect with 神.  It comes from a Middle Eastern culture — so you as an Eastern person will understand some of it very well, very quickly.

The world of His time was dominated by a kind of “ritual-religion” that doesn’t really connect with 神.  Ritual-religion looks like it’s on the road of hope — but it isn’t.  The Teacher shows the road of hope in this story.  Learning to follow Him is really different from following typical religion — it’s a lot better.  Following the Teacher is the way of life that we’re designed for — it’s a way of life that “fits” us at the deepest levels of being human.  It also reflects the heart of 神 and gives us a hope that reaches far beyond ourselves.


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