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Worship: the Joy of Putting 神 in His Place

This is the audio lecture list: click on the links, and start from here:

2012 August 12: 神’s great gift: the ability to worship Him!

2012 August 19: Putting 神 in His Most High place puts us in a very high place, too! Worshiping 神 brings out the best in us!

2012 August 26: Sing the New Song: the Song of Victory! Worshiping 神 brings us into the place of joy, hope, security, peace: what He has done before, He will do again!

2012 September 9: Sing for Joy to 神: He is our King, we are His people! Worshiping 神 brings us freedom from the past, freedom to the future! The joy of worshiping 神 disciplines our hearts, so that we can be free to become new!

Many people are searching for a better connection to 神 – they’re looking in religion, philosophy, ceremonies, and other things. But the basic pathway is simpler than all that. 神 has given humans a special gift: the ability to connect with Him, by putting Him in His place. It may sound strange to say that – if 神 really does exist, if He is everything you say He is, how could He ever be “out of His place”?

He will always be in His place, always above the sun, always there to help – no matter what anyone else says or does. But we are blessed with the opportunity to put Him in His proper place in our lives – through something called “worship.” When we do this, our lives become full of joy and hope – our sorrows become bearable! Everything becomes more alive and more complete, when we receive the joy of putting 神 in His place by worshipping Him.

But what is “worship”? Good news: it’s really different from what you might think! I think you’ll like it!


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