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The Father of Compassion

Candle on palms on a black background One of the great challenges of anybody’s life – whether we believe in God or not – is what we do with suffering – our own suffering, and especially the suffering of people we love. “How can there be a good God when life hurts so much?”

In this brief series we look at some of the really beautiful things about God’s heart that help us find peace – maybe not answers for our specific situations, but peace so that we can begin to hold on to hope again.

The truth is that God is much, much better than we think. We’re accustomed to people – and that can be a poor start for envisioning what God is like. Sometimes we know very good people – and that’s a helpful pointer to the One who is much better than we are. His heart is far more kind, compassionate, generous than we’re accustomed to. Even some of the best-known doctrines of modern popular Christianity sometimes underestimate just how good God really is.

Today we’ll look at a few verses from both parts of The Library about God’s compassion. Maybe if you’re in a dark time, it will help. Maybe if you’re in a bright and joyful time, these thoughts will help you to comfort someone else, who’s in the dark.