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A New Way to be Chosen People

Everyone “believes” in something – it’s like everyone’s life is “soil” that nourishes a seed. What you become is determined by how you take care of the seed – but even more determined by the seed itself – the seed you sow is the seed you grow!

Sometimes it’s a good idea to examine “how we’re believing,” to learn more about the seed we have, to find new ways to nourish the seed we have – so that the right results come out in our lives.

But sometimes, especially when it’s clear that “something’s missing,” it makes more sense to examine the seed we’re nurturing – the vision of faith that we’re holding. Is there something about the “vision” that we need, that we haven’t realized before? Does the soil of our hearts need to nurture a different seed, in order to get the “fruit” that 神 has in mind?

images (3)In the Old Covenant, “Build 1.0,” 神 created and blessed His Chosen People as a light for the nations. He gave a Temple not only for His own people, but for “the foreigners,” so that they could get to know how good God really is, and maybe find Him for themselves. He even gave some prophets along the way, to help His Chosen People find Him, and to help the nations know Him. One of my favourite sections of the OT is Isaiah 2, and the mountain of the LORD’s house – all nations stream to it. Many churches take this vision as a picture of their place in the plan – and I’m pretty sure that’s still OK in our time, too. However …

pentecostIn Jesus Christ 神 is doing a new thing: enhanced, Build 2.0 – “as the Father has sent me, so I send you. Receive the Holy Spirit!” The New Chosen People – a different kind of Chosen. And, the New Prophetic people. Pentecost makes us all prophets! “Welcoming the nations” – but also “empowered and sent out!”

This one comes from our Gathering time – it’s probably one of the most important ones I’ve ever taught here. It’s also one of the shortest! 😉 Click here for the audio, and here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

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