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Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.

Learning to Live

What you believe about life really does matter!  It will affect everything about your personality, your accomplishments, your relationships, your sense of satisfaction — or the lack of all these things!

It’s not always easy to deal with life, though — so many ideas, so much talk.  To get on the way of hope, we have to start with the centre, the things that are really real, “no matter what” else we might believe at the moment.

No matter what you think about where we’re from and where we’re going — whether you think that we’re in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, or that this is the one and only life we get and then we die, or whether you believe that we start now and live forever — we still have to cope with the reality:  what will I do with this one life that I know I have?

In this section, I’ll provide pages of helpful information on a variety of topics — all of them originating with the way of hope.  You can decide what to do with it.  It’s my joy to share it with you.

Letters from 陆 Lu is a series of letters that I’ve written to friends, which touches on learning to live, in a variety of situations. I hope you like them.

If you have a particular interest among these topics, use the Reply feature to ask me about it: I may be able to get your interest-topic done more quickly. If you have another interest, which is not in these topics, you are welcome to use the Reply feature to ask me about it. If I can, I will write about it.


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