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Letters from 陆 Lu

Sometimes on special occasions (春节,中秋节,五-十二, etc.) I write greetings to friends.

I’m nobody special, not a famous writer.  But my friends tell me that they appreciate what I wrote to them.  So here is the list of writings, here for you, too. Enjoy!

神山 and my name seal …

My name seal was made for me by Kosho, a master calligrapher and seal carver from Shanghai, who now lives in Canada near my city. He put the three characters of my Chinese name 陆道明 together in yin-script, and then carved the 4th character in yang-script — do you recognize it? It’s a stylized 山, “the mountain.” Please don’t call me by that name as a 小名. Some friends say that this would mean that I’m like a mountain, that everyone depends on me. That’s not why I asked Kosho to put it in the seal … please allow me to tell you about a recent conversation with a friend, and then share with you a beautiful word-picture from The Library. Then you’ll know why it means so much to me that I want it in my 印章. (Click here for more …)

春节快乐, from China! (2010)

Learning how to make 饺子

Learning how to make 饺子

Friends — this year I’m delighted to be able to send you best wishes and Spring Festival greetings from Tianjin … my wife and I are on our first trip to China, visiting our son and his wife and our granddaughter. I’m taking a break from making jiaozi to write to you. (Click here for more …)

2010 中秋节快乐!
Friends – once again, writing to wish you the best of times as you celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival …

Tonight in my city the sun set slowly in a cloudless, colourless sky … a little sad, really. But as the western sun faded into dry dullness, in the east the moon rose in the gathering darkness, blazing in glorious mottled white, more brilliant every moment. I wish I could have stayed to gaze on it, to bathe in its cool shimmering gaze … but tonight I was driving, and I had to keep my eyes on the road. I wished that I had mooncake and friends like you all around, enjoying the special heart of this season. Not tonight. Maybe next year 😉 (Click here for more …)

Remembering 5.12.08 (2009)

Friends – I hope that this message comes to you all in a time of joy, peace, and contentment. I trust that over the last year you have found great meaning and value in your life. I hope that the best things in your heart have found a way to be fully expressed – especially to those whom you love the most.

Please forgive me if this message seems “out of place,” inappropriate, or otherwise disturbing to you. It’s not in me to cause more discomfort! However, I do want to say some things which are in my heart right now, and I hope it will encourage you …

I guess we all know what day today has been, 5.12 – one year ago today the devastating earthquake hit China’s Sichuan Province, destroying Beichuan, much of Wenchuan, who knows what other cities and villages, and of course parts of Chengdu. I never did hear the full figure of deaths – 70,000? And of the total value of the damage and loss? Who could ever calculate the human cost, the tears and sorrow? (Click here for more …)

恭喜发财! (2009)

Friends — just writing to wish you the best of times as you celebrate the beginning of the new Year of the Ox/Bull … I guess in English we would say, “Happy 牛 Year” and think that this was humorous … 😉

As I have asked you before, please forgive me for not knowing appropriate traditional greetings and customary best wishes during this holiday. Instead, I offer my own. (Click here for more …)

中秋节快乐! (2008)

Friends — just writing to wish you the best of times as you celebrate this year’s Fall Festival … I’m slowly learning the stories and the feelings of the holiday times, and I’m told that this one is special … ting shuo that in this holiday people remember those they love, and those who love them, and that looking at the moon (and eating moon-cake) helps one do this. What a great thing to remember and celebrate! 😉 (Click here for more …)


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