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中秋节快乐! (2009)

Friends – once again, just writing to wish you the best of times as you celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival …

Each year I am blessed with the opportunity to know more of you, and to know some of you much better – and to understand a little better about what the 中秋节 celebration means. People whom I love have explained to me that this is a holiday of remembering – remembering those we love, and those who love us, when they are far away from us. Looking at the moon, knowing that they see the same moon, and eating moon-cake helps one to do this, 对不对? Looking at the moon together makes sense to me – I haven’t figured out the moon-cake part yet! 😉

This year I feel more of this than usual – especially because some of the people I love the most have just now moved from my home, to China! Perhaps I can understand a little better some of the feeling that many of you might have during this holiday time as you think of people you love who are far away.

My holiday hope for you all is that in this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival you will be full of joy: joy from knowing that you really, truly are loved – and joy from knowing that you really, truly do love someone else. If there must be “distance,” I hope that the only pain of “distance” you feel between yourself and those you love, will be a “distance of geography” or a “distance of timing” – but not a “distance of the heart.”

And if you do have pain from “distance of the heart,” my hope for you is that you will be blessed with new insight and new courage to build new bridges between you and those you love, so that this distance can be overcome. Then even if we’re too far away and cannot hold those we love in our arms, at least we can hold each other in our hearts.

The One who made us knows us the best, and loves us the most. If you can find no one else in your life who loves you, He says that you can start with Him. He is always at work to build bridges between us and Himself, and between us and each other. He can show us how to do this, too.

With some of you, my life has been so blessed and enriched by all the 友情 you have shared with me over the past year. Thank you for your kind patience with me as I try to understand. You even gave me a good name: 陆道明 – I will try to live up to it! 多谢!

With others of you, well, maybe we just haven’t had the time or opportunity to become better acquainted yet. I hope that during the upcoming months and year “a road will be made,” and we will someday share the circle of friendship.

Celebrate, rejoice, eat moon-cake! 😉




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