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Lu Daoming welcomes you on a journey of friendship and hope. Together, let's learn new ideas: how to live with real meaning and joy.

恭喜发财! (2009)

Friends — just writing to wish you the best of times as you celebrate the beginning of the new Year of the Ox/Bull … I guess in English we would say, “Happy 牛 Year” and think that this was humorous … 😉

As I have asked you before, please forgive me for not knowing appropriate traditional greetings and customary best wishes during this holiday. Instead, I offer my own.

I guess the traditional “greetings for a prosperous and successful New Year” for this coming year is special – the world is facing more difficult economic times, and it’s hard for me to imagine how this will affect us all. Of course, perhaps the news is all wrong, and things will be normal this year, like all the years before. But it’s also possible that the news is correct, that the riches that most of us spend our lives trying to get may not come so easily to us, no matter how hard we work or try.

My hope for all of you is that during this time when things are so uncertain, God will give you more of the riches that really do matter, the things that no change in the news or the economy can take away from you. I trust that He will give you a greater sense of peace with Him, a stronger sense of His love for you. I trust that He will increase your ability to love other people in the real ways that matter – not the shallow ways we all wish we could forget. And I trust that He will give you friends who love you and care for you with the same Spirit that He does. I trust that He will give you real riches, that no person and no change can take away from you.

Last year was so challenging: the 5.12 earthquake in Sichuan province, the Olympics, and many other events. In these things many people were helped to do their very best – and other people did their worst. No matter what happens this year, my hope and trust in God for you is that He will bring out the best in you, and that He will help you make it even better. I trust that He will make you a “wealthy” person – not because of the things you have, but because of the kind of person He is helping you to become.

Thank you for the time you invested over the past year and more, to begin getting to know me and those in my circle of friends. Thank you for letting me share in your circle of friends. My life has been made much richer because of the acquaintance you have been willing to share with me. I look forward to more “youqing” with you in the new year.

Celebrate, rejoice!

保重 — 道明


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