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春节快乐, from China! (2010)

Friends — this year I’m delighted to be able to send you best wishes and Spring Festival greetings from Tianjin … my wife and I are on our first trip to China, visiting our son and his wife and our granddaughter. I’m taking a break from making jiaozi to write to you.

Learning how to make 饺子

Learning how to make 饺子

The fireworks are roaring all around us, surely frightening any Nian monster away — and keeping my granddaughter awake 😉 Fu characters are in windows and on doors all around us, as people pour out their hope for better things, for a better year, for peace and joy and family harmony and success — for blessing all year around. I’ve seen so many people in the marketplace over the past two days, everyone busy preparing for tonight’s festival of family love and hope. So many people are very happy and excited for the holiday.

All of this means so much more to you, of course, than I could understand. But being with all these thousands of people, and sharing in some of these traditions with my own family for the first time, I begin to get a taste of what must be a most wonderful time of the year for you.

陆道明 and 郭馨兰 send 新年好!from 天津

陆道明 and 郭馨兰: 新年好!from 天津


My fond hope for all of you is for a new sense of “Fu” from the God who made us, who knows our hearts, who loves us more than anyone else in our lives ever could. His heart has compassion far beyond anyone or any thing arising from this world. He will show us blessing from His hand, as we seek His face, to know Him. For us to know Him is the greatest Fu, and the deepest desire of His heart. I hope that it will become a deeper part of our hearts this year, too …

Well — you’re probably busy too. I hope you enjoy everything you get to do tonight — the CCTV show, the food, the Skype and phone calls to family and the text messages to friends. I’m going back to fireworks and jiaozi now …

Please accept my best wishes and hopes for you in the new year. As always, I hope that “a road will be made” so that we can know each other better and share in the good things that God Most High gives.

多保重, 新年好!



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