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2010 中秋节快乐!

Friends – once again, writing to wish you the best of times as you celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival …

Tonight in my city the sun set slowly in a cloudless, colourless sky … a little sad, really. But as the western sun faded into dry dullness, in the east the moon rose in the gathering darkness, blazing in glorious mottled white, more brilliant every moment. I wish I could have stayed to gaze on it, to bathe in its cool shimmering gaze … but tonight I was driving, and I had to keep my eyes on the road. I wished that I had mooncake and friends like you all around, enjoying the special heart of this season. Not tonight. Maybe next year 😉

陆道明 and 郭馨兰, September 2010

陆道明 and 郭馨兰, September 2010

Wow – what a special year 2010 has been, too. For some of us, as for me, a time of great joy, and some sorrow, too – of some incredible adventures and warm success, and also staring into the mirror of painful shortcomings and sinking disappointments, too. Life down here certainly brings surprises, of all kinds. One of the best surprises came for my wife and me when we visited China in February – and here we are now, preparing to go to Ukraine for 4 weeks, in October. Who could have ever guessed, 10 years ago, that we would know any of you, or travel to China, or have family living in China, or travel anywhere else? These amazing surprises help me believe that our lives are not governed by random chance: 神 has His hand on us. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that – but after awhile, we see so much that can’t be simply an accident – it becomes much easier to believe.

This year I was blessed to know some of you much better – a real joy for me. I always learn a lot from your friendship – thank you. This year I also said “good-bye” to people I really cared for, with regret … I wish things could have turned out differently. Nobody that I know gets everything they want in life. Even the heart of 神 knows what it means to hope and be disappointed, to love and lose. Fortunately, He has a new hope for us, a promise for us that He will keep, and no pain or loss or heartache or frustration here can hold us back – as long as we keep walking forward!

Sometimes friendship – and remembering those we love – and sharing the celebration – means walking together through a desert, through a dark valley where we can’t see very far ahead. Friends like you remind me that there’s even more to life than the good I experience – and more than the hard parts that I face, too. I hope my friendship reminds you of that kind of hopeful future, too.

My holiday hope for you all is that in this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival you will be full of joy: joy from knowing that there are people in this world who really do love you … and joy from knowing that you are loved by the One who always keeps His promises, who always sees beyond our days into something better. There is so much more joy to find, so much more hope to move us. Even when the night is long, morning always comes.

So many blessings, so much good to look forward to! I’m grateful that “a road is made” for us to share the circle of friendship. Hope we see more of you this year!

Celebrate, rejoice, eat moon-cake! 😉




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