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Remembering 5.12.08 (2009)

Friends – I hope that this message comes to you all in a time of joy, peace, and contentment. I trust that over the last year you have found great meaning and value in your life. I hope that the best things in your heart have found a way to be fully expressed – especially to those whom you love the most.

Please forgive me if this message seems “out of place,” inappropriate, or otherwise disturbing to you. It’s not in me to cause more discomfort! However, I do want to say some things which are in my heart right now, and I hope it will encourage you …

I guess we all know what day today has been, 5.12 – one year ago today the devastating earthquake hit China’s Sichuan Province, destroying Beichuan, much of Wenchuan, who knows what other cities and villages, and of course parts of Chengdu. I never did hear the full figure of deaths – 70,000? And of the total value of the damage and loss? Who could ever calculate the human cost, the tears and sorrow?

I’m a 老外, of course, and so I would never be able to fully understand what you saw and felt as you watched the television and heard the radio reports – and as you talked on the phone with people who were over there who were facing this horror directly. But I am so grateful to you today for the friendship that many of you shared with me back then, as you told me of your feelings and concerns, and as you told me of the fate of people you love who were there.

Like you, I watched the television reports and felt amazement as the compassion and care poured out from the hearts of Chinese people all over the world, going there to lift rocks, to give blood, to dig, to do anything to help. It is amazing to see how something so terrible as this earthquake could bring out so much in people that is good and right. I remember how some of you told me that you wanted to get on a plane and go there, to do something to make a difference. You all had that same feeling! We had many conversations, and many of us came to know each other better. I remember the benefit concert that some of us worked on together – and I was honoured that you all were so gracious to me to let me share in that project with you. It seems that these same good gifts of spirit were coming out in you, too.

Even as I remember these things today I am so moved in heart. My life has been enriched because of my experiences working through these things with you. I will always remember this day, and remember the friendships that have been made stronger because of it. Our conversations about your feelings and perceptions, what you’re learning, the good and the bad – well, I have learned so much from being with you.

So this evening, as the day fades into the night and the calendar rolls into the morning after, I want to thank you again – thank you for your friendship, for sharing your hearts’ concerns with me, for letting me be a small part of your lives. I hope that somehow you will be comfortable enough to continue building bridges of friendship – I know that I am. In my experience, friendship makes burdens a little lighter, almost bearable – and it makes joys much deeper and longer-lasting. I look forward to growing friendship with you.

Recently some of my Zhongguoren friends actually agreed on a Chinese name for me 😉 so I’m going to also be known as 陆道明 Lu Daoming. Thank you for the gift of a xingming, I hope that I will wear it with honour that fits the kindness of my friends. Of course, all of you speak much better English than I speak Mandarin, so I will mostly be comical 😉

Well … enough for now. May God’s warmth and compassion stay close to you, wherever you find yourself in life. Surely no matter what happens, there is something and Someone who is very good, waiting for us. He will help us find Him, and ourselves – and each other. May the best things in your heart continue to find a way to speak and act, and may these things always be the greater and stronger things of your life.



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