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Studies in The Library

This is the summary page for the Studies in The Library category.  Check the menu for pages and audio directly related to the topics. All of these pages have audio available for you now. I will add written articles later. If you’re specially interested in any of these topics and would like to have more information, use the “Reply” and let me know. I’ll try to get your interests done first.

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Finding 神: Learning How to Believe”

Homework for Finding 神: Learning How to Believe” Yes, we have homework for you!

About The Library: When you look at it, it’s all bound together, into one book.  Really, though, it’s not just one “book” — it’s a whole library of 66 different documents, of many different kinds of literature, written over a period of some 1500 years.  Some of the earliest stories of human history are here — as well as documents that speak to the coming end of history as we know it.  All these varied documents are linked together by a theme that they all speak, a story out of which they all come.  They are an invitation to you, to me, to everyone, to come know the Story, to live our lives every day in the way of hope.

If you’re interested in downloading a free copy of The Library for your computer, so that you can study along with us, click here or  here.  If you’re having trouble downloading it, contact me, and I’ll find a way to help you.

Ready for a surprise?  The Library is not a Western book!  It comes from an ancient, Middle-Eastern culture, and it has at least as much in common with modern Eastern cultures as it does with modern Western culture!  So don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know:  you will understand much of The Library very clearly — once you become more familiar with its contents.

Here’s where you can begin to learn from The Library as a whole — and from the different documents in it.  When you mouse over this page tab, you’ll see the menu for other sub-pages coming from this one, dealing with different documents in The Library.  Some of them already have audio, too.

There’s more information about how to understand The Library and how to work with the documents in it, available in the Courses tab, under “Growing Spiritual Roots #3.” I’ll have it updated for you soon.




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