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3 Questions 中国人 Have Asked Me …

Here are a few of the questions that my 中国人 friends have asked me. They ask me these questions because they really want to know what I will say – so I’m very happy to share what I can for answers.

1. “Where did 神 come from?”

Answer: No one knows. In all the information 神 has given us, He has never said where He came from. The only things He has ever said are that He is above time, that He created time itself: so if He is above time, it’s impossible to tell where He came from. This is the kind of question that is impossible to answer with science. It doesn’t mean that 神 can not exist: it only means that there are certain things about Him that we can not understand with our limited intelligence.

A very similar question for you to think about: “Where did the universe come from?” Science can not answer that question, either! If you say, “it all came from the Big Bang,” then the question is “Where did the Big Bang come from?” And you’re in the same place as asking “where did 神 come from?” You don’t refuse to believe the universe exists just because you can’t tell where it came from – very intelligent. So in the same way it makes no sense to refuse to believe that 神 exists just because you can’t answer that question about Him.

You see, you and I have a sensible, rational “faith” in the existence of the universe, even though we can’t explain everything about it. You can also also have a sensible, rational “faith” in 神 even though you don’t have all the answers about Him!

Now, may I ask you a couple of questions about your question? First: What difference will the answer to this question “Where did 神 come from?” make to your life? If you discover “where 神 came from”, will it cause you to change anything?

If 神 does not exist, then very many other important things that you also believe about your life are also not true!! None of us will have any reason, any hope. If 神 is real, then we are suddenly confronted with new possibilities for our lives that we have never thought of before. That’s why I write this blog!

2. What about 2012? Will the world end next year?

Answer: No one knows! There is no information in The Library about it, and 神 has not said anything about it. Many people in popular culture have speculated about it, made movies and books about it – and made a lot of money from people who are worried about it! Maybe the world “will” end in 2012 – maybe it will go on for another 10,000 years or more!

May I ask you some questions about the question? First: What difference will it make to your life if the world is going to end in 2012? What will you change about your life? Why would you change it?

This world is not working right, it’s not functioning the way that it was originally made. 神 has made a wonderful promise about this broken, damaged world: “someday He will make it all new again!” Everything that is wrong with this world, and everything wrong with people’s hearts, will be removed and replaced with something much better, something new yet original, something made to fit the way we were designed to live! 神 welcomes everyone who wants to join Him in the new world that is coming – ask me about the invitation, I’ll be glad to tell you more.

3. Does The Library say that the world was created in 6 24-hour days? What about the scientific evidence for a much longer time, and a very different process?

Answer: No, The Library does not speak scientifically about how the world was made, nor how long it took to make it. So science can explore and discover many things, and there will be no contradiction against The Library at all.

The earliest chapters of The Library, called “The Beginning,” have a wonderful piece of poetry about how 神 made the world, how He engineered it to fit together and work perfectly, and how He put humans in it at exactly the right time and place. “The Beginning” organizes the information in obvious poetry: first, 神 creates the major “environments” of sky, sea, land. Then He creates “inhabitants,” perfectly suited to these “environments.”

The purpose of “The Beginning” is not to describe the “geological process” of how 神 made everything. It is intended to help us understand “why” 神 made it, how it fits together, and where we belong in it! These are very important questions that science can not answer! But we must know the right answers if our lives will have any meaning and real success!

One warning about science: it changes all the time! When I was a child the scientists told us with great confidence of a dinosaur called “Brontosaurus.” It was supposed to be the biggest dinosaur of all, a plant eater. A few years ago new studies revealed that “Brontosaurus” never existed, that the scientists had made mistakes, that they didn’t properly understand the information that they had! Also, scientists didn’t have all the information that they have now – and guess what? In 50 years the scientists of the future will look back on what we believe from the science of today and say that we were all wrong, too!

Science is wonderful for helping us understand “how things work.” Humans have learned very many wonderful things from using it. However, science is not a solid foundation on which to build your life! There’s too much that science can never know or understand, which you need to know right now in order to have a meaningful and successful life!

神 created the world. We’re learning more things about the geological process, very interesting. But knowing about the geology won’t help you to be a better person! It won’t teach you how to love, how to overcome disappointment, how to raise children, how to face the hard things of life. 神 created science, and He can help us with it. He can also give us the information we need the most, for our lives, right now.

Thank you for your questions! Forward this article on Weibo, reply to it. Keep asking, keep reading, let’s talk and learn together!


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