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Questions from 中国人朋友: “Life ‘out there’?” “Dinosaurs?”

Hi! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the questions that intelligent, good-hearted people have asked me about believing in 神. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments, and be sure to ask your questions, too – I will be glad to try to answer.

2 more questions:

1. What does The Library say about life on other planets?

Answer: The Library doesn’t say anything at all about life on other planets. So, there could possibly be life somewhere else “out there,” or maybe there isn’t. If there is life out there, 神 has not told us about it. I can not say for sure exactly why 神 has not told us the answer to this question. In some ways, it does not seem to be important enough for Him to tell us about it.

The very big concern of The Library, and 神’s heart, is about life here! and not about life “out there.” Humans have been tricked and led away from what we are designed for, for the way we are engineered to live – and so we hurt ourselves and other people and generally make a serious mess of everything. 神’s biggest concern is to help us find our way back to Him, so that He can help us find our way back to the kind of life we are engineered to live.

May I ask you a question about the question? If you were to find out that there is life on other planets, what difference would it make to your life now? What would you change? Why would you change it?

Scientists love to examine their information and speculate on what it could mean. This is a good thing, as long as everyone can stay honest, and admit that we’re just speculating, that we don’t really know. Many scientists would love to believe that there is life on other planets, life that might someday come to us and tell us information that we need to know, to answer questions we are asking. The scientists want to help us believe this, too – it gives us a sense of hope that the mess this world is in can be fixed, if we meet “nice” life from other planets who will help us.

But 神 has already done this for us: He is from outside this world – He made this world! He has communicated with humans for thousands of years, and He even came here and lived among us for awhile. He has told us everything we need to know for life that is genuine, balanced, intelligent, sensible in this broken world. He wants to help us, not only with good information, but also with His own special help and healing.

Oh yes, about the broken world: it’s too broken for any of us to fix – too broken for even friendly life from other planets to fix. So He promises that He Himself will return and fix it, and give us new and full and complete life. 神 invites you, and everyone else, to trust Him with your life now, and join Him in this new world which is coming.

2. What does The Library say about dinosaurs?

Answer: Nothing. The Library says nothing about dinosaurs. So you can believe that dinosaurs existed and still agree with The Library. There is no contradiction. Geology and paleontology are fascinating studies of what we can see around us – it’s one set of valuable information, but it tells us nothing about how to live, what we’re engineered for, why we are here. The Library gives us this other extremely valuable information, and simply says nothing about dinosaurs.

Surprised? There is no need for surprise. If you put the information from The Library in its proper place, and put information from science in its proper place, there should be no contradiction, no problem. Believing in 神 is not irrational or blind or senseless. Believing in The Library will make you more real, more joyful, more hopeful. In fact, it will probably make you a better geologist, if that’s what you’re doing!

Science can not give us the answers we need most! Science can not tell you how to love, how to overcome hurt, how to be successful without destroying yourself. Science is simply a method of examining the world around us – that’s all. It’s wonderful, in its proper place of looking around down here. But science is limited by its very scope: it can’t see higher than this world. 神 is much higher than this world. Humans are much larger than this world, too.

OK, are you ready? Please allow me to ask you a few questions about your questions: What difference will it make to your life if you discover for sure that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago? What will you change in your life because of this? Why would you change it?

For most people, this question is very remote and means very little to us. Here are some better questions: What would it mean to you to discover that believing that dinosaurs probably existed doesn’t contradict The Library? What would it mean to you that The Library has useful and important information for your life that doesn’t contradict honest science?

One friend said to me, “I wish I had heard these things 15 years ago. My life would have been very different.” That’s exactly why I’m writing to you now. Don’t wait, with your life trapped by questions that don’t make any difference. Start asking the questions that do make a difference! You have nothing to be afraid of, and everything worthwhile to hope for!

Let’s keep talking! Send your questions, forward this article and Weibo, let’s discuss and learn together!


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